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Within the scope of the Research, Innovation, Product Development program, entrepreneurs, health industry, health technology manufacturers will be able to form a cooperation with our center that covers the stages from idea to product and can produce high value-added products.

Importance of Research, Innovation, Product Development Program

A new industrial revolution started a short time ago with Industry 4.0 and high technology meeting with heavy industry. With the onset of the biotechnology era in the 21st century, it is predicted that the period in which groundbreaking biotechnology solutions will emerge as well as high technology will last until 2100. In this process, as a center that produces active solutions, develops products and aims to stay ahead of the times, we care about the innovation process from idea to product.

Objectives of Research, Innovation, Product Development Program

  • Providing independent R&D activities in the processes from idea to product in the fields of biotechnology and health,
  • Providing services and solutions for biotechnology companies from laboratory to market, briefly Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 1 to 8,
  • Contributing to the development of new products by being a guide to the brands in the biotechnology sector on the use of the latest technologies that will minimize high-quality costs with testing, training and research activities and projects that will compete at international standards,
  • It is aimed to increase the number of products, designs, utility models and patents resulting from R&D studies and to ensure their international recognition and sustainability.

Advantages of Research, Innovation, Product Development Program

  • Transforming innovative ideas into products with the knowledge in our center, reaching a competitive level on a global scale
  • Providing 360-degree direct access to information and technology
  • Formation of a strong association in the field of biotechnology in health

What Is My Technology Readiness Level?

Support Programs and Funds for Research, Innovation, Product Development Program

Depending on the type of support programs listed below, our center may take part in projects as an executive, researcher, service provider, solution partner and academic advisor.

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