University-Industry Collaboration

Industry 5.0 with Biotechnology in Health...

Within the scope of the University-Industry cooperation program, the trained manpower and high-capacity infrastructure facilities of the Experimental Medicine Application and Research Center Validebağ Research Park can be combined with the experience and financial power of different industries in our country, especially for the health ecosystem. Thus, it is aimed to obtain scientific, technological and economically important outputs. Within the scope of this program, two different models, i) technology transfer and ii) technology production, are implemented in our center.


1. Technology Transfer Model

Within the scope of the technology transfer working model, it is aimed to transfer the information and product created in the center to the health industry by establishing cooperation with the relevant industry, investor or customer organizations of the scalable product prototypes that have been completed in our center.

2. Technology Production Model

Within the scope of the technology production working model, it is aimed to research, produce and solve new technologies with the facilities of our center in order to improve the production processes that the industry is working on, to solve the existing problems it encounters, to develop alternative raw materials and to develop domestic production techniques.

Importance of University-Industry Collaboration Program

The information and technologies developed in our center are at a level that can be transformed into products for the private sector, entrepreneurs and foreign companies in terms of quality and quality. In this way, the needs of the sector can be responded to quickly. With the advanced infrastructure of the Validebağ Research Park, which was established with a high investment cost, is open to the use of the industry, specific solutions are created for the problems of the companies without long-term R&D activities and initial investment. In this way, companies are supported to produce value-added products and to increase the added value of existing products.

Objectives of the University-Industry Collaboration Program

  • Being an academic and technological strategic partners in the health ecosystem in Turkey
  • Creation of high-tech products for the healthcare industry,
  • Ensuring the development of new companies that will increase exports with these products,
  • It is to support the production capabilities of biotechnology companies that can compete in the international area.

Advantages of University-Industry Collaboration Program

  • Health industries in our country can quickly access high-tech infrastructure,
  • Training undergraduate and graduate researchers in industry-oriented research areas,
  • Industry and industry have direct access to information and the opportunity to receive support on how to use it,
  • The industry’s ability to directly reach academic stakeholders and solution partners in R&D activities.

Support Programs and Funds for University-Industry Cooperation

Depending on the type of support programs listed below, our center may take part in projects as an executive, researcher, service provider, solution partner and academic advisor.

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