Industrial Fermentation and Microbiota Laboratory

General Information

In the Industrial Fermentation and Microbiota Laboratory, studies are carried out for the molecular diagnosis and characterization of microorganisms of clinical, food, environmental and plant origin, which have industrial importance from microbial origin, and for the development of biological formulations with industrial use.


  • Microbial Process Technologies: Production of microbial enzymes by fermentation processes
  • Immobilized Enzyme and Microorganism Technology: Development of enzyme purification processes, development of immobilization and stabilization techniques for enzymes, development of immobilization techniques for microorganisms
  • Determination of Microbial Diversity: Screening, isolation and identification of microorganisms producing enzymes of industrial importance from various ecosystems.
  • Enzyme Engineering and Technologies: Improving the enzyme productivity of microorganisms with chemical mutations
  • Microbial Proteomics: Proteomic characterization studies of the produced enzymes are carried out