Food Technologies

In food technology laboratories, effective utilization of food raw materials, preservation of food sources in terms of quality and quantity, production of new nutrients from waste, the versatile use of raw materials, so the production of foods with high nutritional value and safe for health. For this purpose, the studies carried out in our center in the field of food technology support education and R&D activities and open doors to innovative ideas. Besides, studies carried out within the scope of food technology in the Experimental Medicine Research and Application Center have an important advantage in terms of enabling the safety and health effectiveness of food products developed with new technologies within the scope of R&D activities to be successfully proven with various clinical studies.

Nutrigenomics applications utilize a variety of molecular techniques to analyze animal cellular and molecular responses to a variety of dietary nutrients, independently or integratedly, across multiple disciplines such as genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. The infrastructure related to these studies is in our center and can be carried out. Nutrigenomic studies, using molecular tools to reveal the interaction between genes and nutrients, allow the creation of diets tailored to each individual’s genotype. Thus, these studies have a significant potential to alleviate the symptoms of existing diseases or to prevent future diseases especially in the field of non-infectious chronic diseases, which are considered as an important health problem.The discovery of functional foods and nutraceutical compounds that help prevent diseases and have the power to improve body health, and their effects on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms are among the studies that can be carried out.

From safe food to healthy life with a new generation food approach.

Food Technology Laboratories