Medical Biotechnology

In our center, which serves at the point of producing medical products that can be used in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases by using biotechnological tools, the synthesis and characterization of bioactive organic compounds for different molecular targets, the design and synthesis of different drug candidate compounds such as anticancer agents, kinase inhibitors, insecticides are carried out. Based on traditional and complementary medicine applications, traditional herbal medicinal product applications can be made through processes such as qualitative and quantitative analysis of phenolic compounds in medicinal and aromatic plants, analysis of volatile fatty acid components and fatty acids, preparation of herbal extracts, obtaining powder samples from the extracts with a spray dryer. In addition, recombinant proteins that can control the expression levels and mRNA translations of the designed gene regions can be produced using the bacterial, yeast and mammalian protein expression systems in our center, and these systems enable the expression of recombinant-based biopharmaceuticals. In vitro studies of natural, synthetic or biotechnological products are carried out in our cell culture laboratories by applying various tests and appropriate molecular techniques for immunohistochemistry analyzes and determination of cytotoxicity.

With fully automatic DNA/RNA extraction systems, DNA/RNA isolation is performed up to 1000 samples per day, and qualitative and quantitative analysis of these samples are carried out. With our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms, research is carried out for the detection, management and treatment of cancer and rare diseases caused by hereditary and somatic mutations, as well as genetic and epigenetic studies such as whole genome (WGS), exome (WES), transcriptome, metagenome, small RNA (miRNA, siRNA, snoRNA), whole genome methylation (WGBS) analyzes are performed. Within the content of cellular phenotyping studies, imaging systems capable of high-content-screening, cell sorter to select and culture special cell populations, Sanger Sequencer that can be used in basic genomic studies, and proteomics through mass spectrometry (MS), metabolomics, lipidomics and glycobiology studies can be performed. Raman Spectroscopy, which has the potential to provide inexpensive, easy and effective non-invasive sample analysis in patient samples or cell lines, is also utilized.

The future of pharmaceuticals: Biotechnology.

Medical Biotechnology Laboratories