Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Technologies

Within the scope of tissue engineering and biomaterial technologies, biomaterial, nanotechnology and organoid-based studies are carried out in our center. Our research in the field of biomaterials includes studies on various biomedical applications of ceramic, metal, polymer and composite biomaterials used to replace or support the lost functions of damaged tissues and organs in the human body.Many research topics are covered in this context, including micro and nano fabrication techniques for applications such as implants, tissue engineering scaffolds, drug delivery systems, dressings, grafts, additive manufacturing, surface coatings and modifications, material characterization techniques, and biocompatibility analysis.

With its extensive infrastructure, our center also offers the opportunity to conduct many researches using nanotechnology principles. Our studies include synthesis and characterization of different nanoparticles and quantum dots with inorganic core and organic shell, toxicity and biodistribution study of nanoparticles and quantum dots, and in vitro and in vivo treatment applications of nanoparticles and quantum dots for cancer and other diseases. In addition, the effect of nanopatterned surfaces in many fields from biomaterials to military industry is being investigated and large-scale shape-independent anodization processes can be carried out in a controlled manner.

In addition to our material-based studies, organoid technology, which allows tissue and organ components to be cultured in vitro, is among our study subjects in our center. Since the problems of known cell culture techniques related to the natural tissue environment can be solved by this technology, it is thought that the organoid structures we studied will give more accurate, reproducible and tissue-like responses in drug screening systems. With these studies, we aim to provide solutions to the R&D needs of the pharmaceutical industry, taking into account the multiplier effect that increases patient welfare. Our work is structured to promote the advancement of research-oriented postgraduate education alongside relevant research.

Micro-nano view from tissue to material.

Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Technologies Laboratories